Planting and Covering

Planting is the foundation for our production of different crops. The correct way of planting gives better crops in the end. Here we need people who likes to work with quality in mind and according to instructions. Every year we plant around 50 million pieces of different crop cultures. We plant with machines and uses […]

Fieldwork and Irrigation

We look after and care for all fields. When working with irrigation it is important to have an understanding for the growth of plants and need for water. We work with the newest technology within data collection and follow-up for the use of our machines. We move irrigation machines from field to field and take […]

Harvest and weeding

Working in harvest means that you work in a cuttingteam in the field, harvesting the crops in the best way caring for the quality. Weeding works in teams of different size of people. They all take care of the weeding in the fields by handcraft from hatch wagons. Both jobs require a sense for quality. […]


The onionpeeling team peel and slice both red and white onions for consumers and restaurants. They need a high standard of hygiene and sense of quality. We use the newest machines and technology. Your job is to make sure that the peeling quality is perfect, so there is no peel left. After peeling, the onions […]


Working in vacuum means that you are a link from cutting fields to delivery of crop to orders. You need to understand and speak English to work in Vacuum. You provide service for the cutting teams and pick up cut crops from the field and bring them to vacuum for cooling down and stock, ready […]


In packing you work in teams and are together responsible for having the job done.  The packaging teams prepare all products for packing and sale. They sort the crops, makes quality controls and pack the products. When changing from one type of crop to another and in the end of the workday the machine needs […]