The process
How to apply at AgroSolis

We provide a quality service at all times. Our dedication to our community is unmatched, as we take care of both employees and neighbors around it with great professionalism. We are always dedicated to what we do so that you can get your job done right on time.

The process of how you apply for a job position

This is a 4 step process for you to apply and get the job at AgroSolis in Denmark. The process of getting a new job starts with filling out an application and waiting for us to contact you. Make sure that all information on it has been filled out correctly. You will then receive login details, which allow you to upload required documentation before starting your new work.


Fill out form
with all required information

Start by filling out the application form found on our website


We contact you
and recieve login details

After submitting the form wait for us to contact you


Login and upload documentation and certificates

After approval, login and upload remaining information


Wait for approval
and begin working in Denmark

If approved you can start working for us in Denmark

Sure you want to go back?
You'll have to start over if you
decide to go back to submit an application